Why I Love to Shop Online


I. LOVE. SHOPPING. ONLINE. Sometime after the birth of my first daughter I began to shop online. The convenience of having diapers and wipes delivered right to my front door was a godsend during those early postpartum days and allowed me to keep my sweet baby at home and enjoy every moment I could. It also means, no toddler meltdowns in the checkout isle. I slowly began shopping online more and more. Back then, it wasn’t essential, as I had any store I needed (including a mall) within a 30 minute drive. Nowadays, my beloved Target is at LEAST a 45 minute drive. And I have three kids. Enter Amazon Prime. I pay $79 annually and can order most anything I need and have it on my doorstep with “free two day shipping”. And I use it a lot! I use it for Christmas and Birthdays as well as anything I need that isn’t worth the 45 min + drive. Living in such a secluded location makes Amazon Prime worth every penny to me! I guarantee I would spend more in gas and shipping costs with any other company each year if I didn’t have it! They also have the Amazon Mom program which allows me to sign up for auto delivery on things like diapers and wipes, which keeps me from running to the store at 4am when I realize I am out of diapers for my precious little cherub! When we didn’t have TV for a year, being a Amazon prime member allowed me access to hundreds of TV and movie titles to give us our media fill when MOMMY JUST NEEDED FIVE MINUTES! 🙂 Also, I get to shop and stay in my pajamas. EVERYBODY WINS.

Besides my obsession with Amazon Prime, I also use Ebates.com. I log into my account and click on the link to the store I want to shop at and I am automatically on my way to getting 1-6% cash back (if they are running cash back on that store-which typically there is some percentage, though special conditions sometimes apply). And yes, it works. In the last year, I have received over 86.00 in cash back. I set up a paypal account and the money gets deposited in my account every quarter. You can also have a check mailed to you, if you’d like! Click here to sign up and get a free gift card to a store of your choice! You also get free money if you have a friend sign up by sharing your link with them! And you can combine online coupons while using Ebates, which will save you even more! Using Ebates alone you can earn up to 10,000. Thats alot of dough.

My favorite time of year to shop online is obviously during the Christmas season! I cant stand the crowds and probably have the patience of a 5 year old waiting in line for a ride at Disneyland, so online shopping saves me from tapping my foot impatiently and sighing at an abnormally high volume. There are no back-ups to worry about, no lines. Love it.



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