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My husband spent 8 years in the Marine Corps as an infantryman. 8 years of blowing stuff up, beating down doors and shooting stuff. We moved back to the east coast in late May of 2015. And that’s when my life took a disgusting, dirty turn (um, have you heard of “bot flies?!”…google it.). Apparently hidden deep down inside of my ruggedly handsome, hardened ‘grunt’ was the desire to farm. A dream I had previously never heard about. So slowly but surely we began convincing my dad whose property we share (aka sending our kids to him with said animal in hand and instructing… “Look what IIII got Papa”) and began building The Homestead at Cherry Lane. We are now the hesitant proud owners of Chickens and Rabbits and an overflowing garden that provides us with the majority of our veggies. We even built our own chicken coop. It only took 2 months.

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