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This year, as we started our “journey” (that words always sounds so corny to me as if we are on some 70’s mythical, spiritual excursion) with homeschooling I did a lot of thinking as to “why” we decided to do the homeschool gig. Outside of any moral issues I may have with the school system and any shortcomings I saw educationally, was really a desire to instill Godly values in my kids. They really are at such a tender age, where they desire to learn and grow and be responsible and BIG. I had already decided on my curriculum, but felt I needed better resources than what I had on virtues I feel are important. I decided to do some searching to see what was out there, when I stumbled on a website called “We Choose Virtues“. I was hesitant at first, thinking I could probably come up with it on my own (in all my extra free time of course)  but decided this would be an awesome way to reinforce the reward system I had in place by allowing them better understanding of what is expected of them. My reward system for school is based mostly on their attitudes during school, so tying in the “We Choose Virtues” curriculum was just what I was looking for. I ended up purchasing the “Parenting cards” and “homeschool curriculum”. Having purchased them, my opinion is that the homeschool curriculum is not that essential. I haven’t even used it, really. The parenting cards contain a story and also some practical ways you can show whatever virtue you are studying at that time and some talking points for discussion. Its pretty easy to get creative on your own without a lot of extra information. As an example, I decided to get them a Primary Composition Journal that is lined on the bottom for writing and open on the top for illustrating. In the beginning of each week as the new virtue in introduced, they write out the “I am…” phrase and then draw a picture of how they could demonstrate that virtue. My favorite so far was when my 5 year old drew a pair of eyeballs for the virtue ” Attentive”. I mean, how do you argue with that?! HA! Having said all that, I am loving adding that to our school day. Each week as I introduce a new virtue, they memorize the word and definition. The cards each virtue in such a way that I probably could not and make it so easy for the kids to understand. I actually noticed a difference right away with my one of my kids, who apologized for not being “attentive” to me when I was giving him direction on a chore. He didn’t even hesitate. He didn’t do it later after thinking about it. He right away noticed his actions (or lack there of) and apologized for the specific virtue he did not display. Granted, I don’t think this curriculum is a miracle worker, I just think its a really helpful tool to add to my homeschool belt and another way God can work on my little ones hearts.

I would encourage you to check out all the resources as www.wechosevirtues.com to see if they offer something that might be a good fit for your family!




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