Taking the Plunge


Last year, before the 2015-2016 school year I had the bright idea that I was going to homeschool. I ordered my cirriculum and realized 4 weeks before the start of the year, that homeschooling with 3 kids and one to be born in the first month of the school year would just be WAY. TOO. MUCH. So, I sucked it up and registered the kids for school. It was for sure, much easier than trying to homeschool and breastfeed and chase after a 16 month old all at one time, but at the end of the year, I still felt public school wasn’t a good fit for us. We played around with the idea of putting them in private school, but the finances were just not there. That left us to decide whether to put them back in public school or homeschool. I kept going back and forth and just did not know if I could handle all that responsibility. We decided to sit the kids down (separately, I will add) and ask them what they wanted. We gave them a break down of what their day would be like with both options and were careful to not make one sound any better than the other. They BOTH tearfully shared that they wanted to be homeschooled. I was actually shocked. I expected the exact opposite. I already had my “See honey, they want to be in school, we cant keep them from that….” speech ready. We asked them both why they wanted to be home and with their answers, decided God was giving us these years to tend to their little hearts. If they really wanted to be home with me and learn together, then I would make it happen. I had just recently decided to move forward with some business ventures outside of my blog and photography and that meant putting that aside for the time being. And I’m OK with that. My kids will only want to be with me, for so long right? I mean I think I am pretty cool, but at some point I will be the Mom that embarrasses my kids. Hashtag “so sad”. I want to take full advantage of the opportunity God has given me to teach them, no matter how worried I might be that I might end up in a straight-jacket by the end of the year. Or with more gray hair than my husband has in his beard. No offense honey. You’re still my silver fox. 😉 We’ve picked out our curriculum for the year and gotten all our supplies. At this point, I am just planning my year out, signing up for extra circulars and trying to find a co-op and oversight program. Its been interesting to see the response to our decision. Ive gotten some side eye and had some negative response, but mostly I’ve had a lot of support and mostly all from moms who have already traveled this road. One homeschooling Mom I reached out to said something in our emails that stuck with me when she told me that she couldn’t imagine not having her girls with her 8 hours of the day for the last 9 years. How encouraging is that? She has seen the fruit of her labor. I am looking forward to a new adventure for the kids and learning with them and I am excited to blog about it all here. Wish us luck. Or pray. That’s way better.

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