My Favorite Christmas Gift of 2014



Can you believe Christmas is only a month away? I. Can. Not. Maybe its because I grew up on the East Coast and this whole warm, southern California thing isn’t doing it for me, but I find it MUCH harder to get into the Christmas spirit. Bring me cold weather, snow and all the other Christmas-y things from my childhood (minus the frilly Christmas dress and hush puppy shoes) and I’m all in. I mean TOTALLY INVESTED. I might even sit on Santa’s lap.

Christmas has ALWAYS been my favorite holiday. In fact, my Mom still does not let me live down the fact that I believed in Santa until I was 16 14. OK, I didn’t really, but I HAD TO PRETEND. “Santa” was the one who brought me all the cool gifts. Mom ain’t getting me no “Puppy Surprise”- that was ALL SANTA. I saw my older sisters getting clothes and “serious” gifts. Heck if I was growing up! Anyways, I am such a good actress, my parents really do think I really believed in Santa until I was 14. Its one of those childhood things I WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED TO LIVE DOWN. Ever. Along with a long list of other things, but that’s a post for another day.

I haven’t even started shopping yet, really. I have a few small things for stockings (check out my stocking holder here ) but otherwise I am totally empty handed. Ive shopped for extended family, but basically, the kids are getting a box of rocks at this point. I have ONE thing I am totally OBSESSED with for my daughter Abby, that I do have hidden and waiting for Christmas Day. Abby LOVES dressing up. Her daily activities include (but are not limited to) acting out movie scenes (in her dress up clothes of course), dancing, singing and all things girly. I cannot tell you how many dress-up clothes we have received as gifts or I have purchased just for them to fall apart after a year. I have stitched and sewed and fixed countless pieces for them to continue to tear apart. I started searching for a solution and came across a lady who makes BEAUTIFUL everyday wear dress-up clothes (including adorable aprons for Moms) called Lover Dovers Clothing. They are made to be worn day in and day out( and worn and worn some more) You can even put them through the wash when they drop their peanut butter and jelly sandwich on that pretty little frock. I know I will be able to pass them down to her sister years down the road, so I am happy to spend the extra $15 to get her quality play clothes. If you have a little girl and are looking for some dress up clothes CHECK. HER. OUT. . Abby currently has a Elsa and Anna dress made by Lover Dovers and “Santa” is bringing her a Rapunzel dress for Christmas. I expect to be subjected to lots of off key singing and dramatic reenactments from “Tangled” that day. Erin from Lover Dovers has a special offer for my readers. Enter code SUPERSAVER at checkout to receive $5 off a purchase of $60 or more!

So seeing as how I am probably the only person in the ENTIRE world who has not officially started shopping, whats on your must have list for Christmas this year? At this point, Ill just be happy to not be puking out my guts and exhausted from a pregnancy. YAY!









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