Friday Favorites: My Favorite Antique Store in Pennsylvania


A little off topic here for my blog, but I had to do this little post. I have planned to do it for a while and haven’t gotten the chance. Ive been pretty busy keeping up with the 7364748577 things I have to do each day!

From the moment my girlfriends walk in my house, the questions start on where I got this or that furniture (or on photo shoots-props for my photography). I usually smile sweetly, while internally, a storm rages on. Do I tell them? Do I keep it to myself? I get slightly dramatic in my mind, imagining them getting in their car and buying the entire store. Because, lets be honest, I want to buy the entire store. Every. Time. I. Go. Its a battle. I love my friends. I want them to enjoy this place, but I also want to keep it to myself. Its like a good recipe you want to keep to yourself. If you tell someone they will steal all your glory when THEY bring it to the family party or church cook-out. I get a little selfish and think about all the pieces I could be missing out on if I give up this sacred place. But, my conscious takes over and I decide its just too good to keep a secret. Of course, my conscious won’t be outdone however, as I make them swear in solidarity to not tell (or go ahead of me and take all I want for myself…obviously). They agree, but I can only make myself whisper the name… “Koony’s”. I choke and stutter as they ask me again. I finally, confidently reply “Koony’s”. Then we walk around the house and I show them all my beautiful vintage furniture and they in turn, fall in love with a place they have never been.

Not only does Koony’s have tons of unique, beautiful pieces, but they also have tons of furniture that they have painted and refinished. And their prices are incredible. My friends don’t believe me when I tell them how little I payed for a BEAUTIFUL buffet and hutch that I use in my kids room. They have large and small furniture for every room, knickknacks, wall decor and table top decor. They display it all in an old barn- as if thats not nostalgic enough and in such a unique way. I still am kicking myself for not scooping up a vintage chicken feeder to use as I saw it displayed there as a centerpiece for our farmhouse table. I literally look for one every time I am there. As if thats not enough to make you run there this weekend, the owners are friendly, genuine and kind. They have always offered to help us with large pieces or when they see I have my hands full with my four kids. Unlike some places, where I have been followed around as if my kids will TOUCH and BREAK everything, they have always been friendly and welcoming to my kids and I. They also have tons of special events and sales, as well as a little stand with snowballs (um…yes, I think I will bribe my kids with good behavior!) and hot dogs, etc.

Here are just a few pieces I have purchased from Koony’s:


Kids bedroom. Buffet with hutch repurposed as a dresser.


My sweet little coffee spot in my kitchen (notice the watering hole sign on top I haven’t changed back yet from my littlest birthday party this weekend.)


I realized after posting this photo that my decor on top of the milk crate had been used and never put back by little hands. I’ll have to update the photo later! #momlife #missinglantern #missingpumpkins #missingcorn #thisiswhywecanthavenicethings


Koony’s Vintage Picks can be found on Facebook here.


Koony’s Vintage Picks

1295 Frederick Pike

Littlestown, PA 17340



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