How We Do It…Four Kids In One Room


When my husband and I decided to move across country, we knew we would be in much smaller quarters when we got to my home state of Maryland. At that time we only had 3 kids, but our kids had never shared a room. We knew the older two would probably do just fine (outside of #2’s night terrors), but #3 was our….shall we say spirited child. We lovingly refer to her as Chucky on a really bad day, if that gives you any insight. She’s just a spitfire. That was obvious from the moment we put her in the car for the first time and she screamed the entire way home…it was only an hour drive…

Anyways, the transition to having three in one room was off and on rough. We would do well for a week and then have a rough week. I just had to keep saying it was part of the transition and that it was only a phase. And it was. One we got through that, its really been smooth sailing. The kids usually sleep through any noise from siblings and during times where one is sick, we usually bring them to the couch so they don’t disturb the others or pass along germs.

When our angel baby, Levi came along, he stayed in our room for the first 6 months due to reflux and lack of space. Once we moved rooms around (so that we could have a dining room table to eat at together instead of a bar with room for 3) and #3 was old enough for a real bed, we then had the space to add him into the room with the others. Within a week, we were golden. He is seriously the easiest baby. Even if a sibling wakes him up, he goes right back to sleep with barely a whimper.


I was able to score two bunkbeds from Wayfair for $59 each. And then they did not ship everything and boxes got lost…and reshipped and then not delivered… it got a little messy and I ended up only getting charged for 1 of the beds! Ya can’t beat that! Ill take a free bunkbed for some delays!!


As you can tell in the picture, we decided to not put in the rails on one of the bottom bunks and slip a pack play underneath until #4 is old enough to be in a regular bed. That was a real space saver. Since I took the photo I have updated the color of the bins (I say this because it kills me that I am posting a picture of the room where the boxes under the bed don’t match the bedding) to a light blue color to match the patterns in both girls beds.


The closet in the kids room is small, but efficient. It works for us, as I only have hanging clothes and dress up clothes in there. There are also some toys on shelves that my husband and dad built for me for toys that are too big to in their toy bins.


If you are considering combining kids in rooms who have never had to share space before, my advice is honestly to bite the bullet. If its rough, it will only be a phase. My kids love sharing their space now and when we have talked about separating them in the future when we get into a bigger space they all say “No Way!”. I am sure this might change as they get bigger and need more privacy, but for now, I am grateful for the close relationships my kids are enjoying, in part from sharing their rooms and quiet giggles they share over doing things they think Mom and Dad can’t see on the video monitor….. 😉 I also, highly recommend a white noise maker, like this one found on amazon. They are great for drowning out siblings coughs and other noises that might disturb little ones slumber.

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