Homeschool Week 1-2, 2016


So here we are, halfway into our second week of homeschool. And no one has died yet. I am pretty proud. I think my family thinks its a miracle, actually. A lot of the…we will say, “mature” people in my life thought I was crazy for even thinking about trying to homeschool again. But here I am and we are figuring it out. The first week, was super easy. It was “all the feels”. It was fun to have new pencils and workbooks and it was fun to play teacher. It was like what you dream about when you think about what homeschooling might be like, really. It was, as the cool kids say…on point. Dreamy. Perfect. I chose My Father’s World as our curriculum for this year and absolutely LOVE it so far. The first week we started with just the kindergarten curriculum, which focuses soley, on Creation. I had decided my first grader would still benefit from a review of creation and it would allow us to test the waters and see how terrible it was all going to go. I was smart enough to do school while my two youngest took their afternoon nap and it worked really well. There was little distraction (other than each other) and we started our second week with the same anticipation as the first. And then Monday came. I had needed to do school in the morning that day. Ya know, the same day my toddler had gone to bed late the night before and woken early. Ya know the same day my toddler’s birth certificate should have been changed from Karleigh to Chucky. Yea, THAT day. Of course, I had spent the morning praying for our school year and patience. How spiritual of me, I know.  Seriously people, never pray for patience. Literally every time I pray for patience everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. I literally had to lock “Chucky” out of the school room twice. Her screams still ripped through my body and I’m pretty sure my left ear drum is still recovering. I  literally wanted to call up the school board and tell them it had all been a lie and that I wanted to send my kids to school, after all. I spent a few minutes day dreaming about putting them on the bus and how lovely it would be to have only two kids for 80 percent of the week. Thankfully, even with my patience level waining, the “school day” still ended pretty well. Well, other than the chalkboard falling….and the glue incident. The rest of the week has gone really well! My reward system is working great (for now) and the kids seem to really be enjoying the curriculum and learning a lot. I love how hands on My Fathers World is and how I am easily able to teach two children at the same time even though the curriculum is different for each grade. They aren’t just sitting doing worksheets. We are actively learning and using lots of hands on activities to facilitate that.

Speaking of the chalkboard I am so excited to share my homeschool room with you via our youtube page soon and also explain how I have set up our school reward system. We are still working hard on getting our site back and going and tying up some loose ends. Our re-launch has been scheduled for September 22nd, so stay tuned!





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