Homeschool 2016 Weeks 2-4


Here we are almost a month in and still, everyone is alive and well. Actually, we are all still loving it. We have even had a few rough days, but the good, far outweighs the bad. In week two, my kindergartener’s curriculum covered the moon. We talked alot about how we are like the moon, reflecting the light of the sun. We thought about ways we can show people we dont know that God loves them and I decided we will do this the entire year, serving someone in our community each week. I think it will be a great way to teach the kids compassion, hospitality and how to share boldly with others about Jesus. Each week we will choose our “Light Project”, talk about them and how we can help them, Pray for them and then deliver something special. Our first “Light Project” the kids chose was our local police department. We drew pictures each day and collected things the kids thought they could use to help the officers in their day (hand sanitizer, tissues, gum, water, some homemade cookies). I’ll have to update this post once we have made our appointment to drop the items off.

We also made a spaceship (Aka sheets draped over the dining room table) and collected things we needed for our trip. We took turns being the lead astronaut and taking the spaceship to different places. On my turn, I took us to the moon (remember, our subject of the week) and I told them (with a ton of rediculous childlike enthusiasm, I might add) that we had arrived on the moon and I had found a “bouncy side of the moon”. We ran out to our trampoline and spent the rest of the day exploring outside on “the moon”. We even found aliens (Grandpa and Daddy) outside working on some gardens on the moon.

I learned some important lessons on blending two different curriculums and what NOT to do. In week two we took a field trip to Clark’s Eliok Farm and I decided to play catch up on Friday. Fridays are generally pretty easy days, as the curriculum is much lighter those days for both kids and is more hands on activities, than workbooks. We easily accomplished this. In week 3, we had some unexpected events happen that kept us from school one day and with the holiday weekend coming and a big event we had, I had no choice but to combine two days. And it was like trying to teach 2 little Chuckies. Seriously. I wanted to run to the closest school and beg to enroll them. Thankfully we made it through and I’ve learned a valuable lesson about when to combine and how to plan ahead for an interruption in our week.

Week three was rather painless outside of that one horrendous day. Our virtue was “patience”, which my 6 year old informed me I needed more of. #studentschoolstheteacher #butitstrue

In week four, the kindergarten curriculum covered Leaves. We had a great time collecting leaves around our homestead and borrowing a book from my Mom, to identify them all. We made leaf impressions with crayons, painted leaves, made leaf patterns and counted leaves. Since I know I will be homeschooling again, I’ve been buying a few of the recommended books that are listed in the back of the cirriculum on Amazon and reading them to the kids on our family kindle. We are short on space, so it’s a great way to have access to them without having to take a trip to the library with four kids every week, but also not add to our already overflowing book collection. The first grade curriculum was on Proverbs. We learned what a “Proverb” is and I explained this by utilizing the phrase “look before you leap” as mentioned in the cirricula. We pretended we were on our front porch and had just rained. I stepped “off the porch” and straight into a puddle, ruining my pretty church clothes. The next time, we imagined the same scenario, but instead, I looked and saw the puddle and walked around it. Clearly that has helped the kids because they get excited when we review what we learned earlier in the week. Our virtue of the week was “Obedience”. I’ve had plenty of examples of what obedience is and is not. #nufsaid.

The kids also started their homeschool program through a local horse rescue this week. The program is really well put together and I was super impressed with how organized and prepared they were there. After introductions to the program, expectations and safety rules were reviewed they got to go out on a tour of the facilities and meet/groom a few horses. Despite Ryan having an allergic reaction to the horse dander (we guess), the kids had a great time and we’re so excited to tell Nate all about it.

The kids also have 4h in the beginning of the month. At this month’s meeting, they had an awesome time touring a local Fire department and came home with a bag full of goodies and information about fire safety. This was Ryan’s first meeting, since he just turned five. He came home saying he was going to be a fireman when he grows up.

I am kind of┬áproud of my self to be honest. Despite feeling like it’s too overwhelming on the rough days the kids and I are so happy with our decision and I am already seeing the many benefits to homeschooling. Just yesterday we rode by their old school. I held my breathe as both the kids saw where we were. I was waiting for the blow. I was waiting for them to ask to go to school. I held my breathe so long I almost passed out (school zones…15mph) and when I finally gasped for air I very calmly said “did you guys see your old school? Do you want me to go sign you up?” They both nodded they had seen it and to my suprise, exclaimed, “No way mom! We love homeschool!!” #momforthewin.


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