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I am super excited about this post for the Friday Favorites series. I was introduced to Young Living Oils by this super sweet lady a few years back when I met her in California. Beth is the sister of one of my closest dearest friends and mentors, Bridget. We were doing a present wrapping party at Bridget’s house and Beth and her family were visiting for the holidays. I learned a bit about the oils during the party and the time we spent together during her holiday visit, but she and I have continued to correspond for the last couple of years at various times about them. She wasn’t trying to sell me on them and was so great at educating me and sharing information with me on ways they could help my family. However, I was a bit of a skeptic and THAT combined with being a cheapskate, kept me from making me take the plunge and try them myself.

A little over a month ago, my kids were at their first homeschool program meet at a local horse rescue. My 5 year old immediately started having an allergic reaction after being exposed to the horses. His eyes were watering, red and swollen. His nose was stuffy. He was miserable. I brought him in the car and realized I had nothing to help him. I put a post out on Facebook asking if anyone had any oils on hand that could help me because I figured this was the perfect time to see if these “babies” really work.  Almost immediately I had a response from one of MY sisters closest friends, Rachel, who met me and gave me roller to try. She instructed me on how to use it on him and we applied it right away. We talked for a few minutes and I realized I should check him. I was SHOCKED. The swelling had gone down, his eyes were no longer NEARLY as red and he could breathe through his nose! I knew right away that our family could benefit and that day I ordered my oils.

Since then, I have seen the many benefits and use the oils daily in a diffuser to help me with mood/energy and on my kids, for sleep and allergies. I used a combo oil on my two year old Karleigh, after the dreaded “fifteen minute nap in the car that destroys all ideas of a nap” and put her right in bed. I hoped for the best, crossed my fingers and toes and set a desperate prayer up to my heavenly Father. She slept for 4 hours. Done.

I am now a distributor for Young Living Oils, but I am not nearly as educated as Rachel, the distributor I purchased through, or Beth, who took so much time and energy to educate me when I was just looking for information! I wanted to give Beth (who is also a military wife!) a platform here as a thank you for all of her time and energy. I was so very impressed with her article when she submitted it! She is hilarious, a great story teller and I am so happy she is here!


From Beth:

Oils and Minivans and Skeptical Husbands

It wasn’t an impulse buy. Not that I haven’t made my share of impulse buys, because I have. Large and small. I’ve purchased a vehicle- an Oldsmobile sedan in my 20s, at that- on what I confidently stated was a “just looking” day. And I once bought a salmon-colored prom dress because it was on clearance for $13, never mind the fact that I was well past prom age, didn’t look good in salmon, and had zero formal events to attend. I donated it to a thrift store, tags still on, five years later.

By 2014, I was a military spouse with two children and seldom made a purchase without thinking it through (except for Chick-Fil-A sweet tea, my weakness). I learned about essential oils from a family photographer that June and decided soon after that I wanted to get the starter kit. She had me at “immunity boosting” since my kids were, as my mom had put it on more than one occasion, “sick way too often.” However, I waited over two months to make the purchase, hoping to convince my husband that these oils were worth trying, while also doing some research on ways to use essential oils, wanting to ensure that the diffuser and 11 oils in the $160 kit would not meet the same fate as the salmon dress.

When September rolled around, I knew that our seasons of sickness were approaching, so I went ahead and ordered that Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. My husband was skeptical at first. He watched in amusement at me “playing with oils”. In those first days, I made a roller bottle that included Thieves to support our children’s immune systems, diffused Lavender to help us rest well at night, rubbed highly diluted Panaway on our growing preschooler’s legs when they bothered him, and applied Purification to itchy bug bites. I rolled Stress Away on my wrists to keep me from freaking out about my dirty floors and  ever-growing laundry piles, used Lemon to clean red and green Sharpie off the two year old’s legs, rubbed Digize on the hubby’s stomach after too much football food, and made a face cream with Lavender and Frankincense. At some point in those first weeks, the husband became less skeptical. When he asked me to make face cream that he could keep in his gym bag and a roller of Digize for his office, I knew he was hooked, too. Meanwhile, I’d found my passion. The business side of this is totally, fully optional… yet, once I fell in love with these oils, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut about them. If something changes your life, how can you keep that to yourself?


It’s been two years this month since my starter kit arrived. Not a day goes by that my family doesn’t use our oils and our oil-infused products (cleaners, toothpastes, and more). The children each have their favorites. My son is 5 and calls Lavender “the superstar of all the oils,” while our daughter currently likes Joy the best, partially because it’s her “happy oil” and partially because she likes the character Joy on Inside Out. These kiddos, by the way, have had only a week of minor illness in each of the last two winters, a HUGE improvement from previous years. That’s just one of many ways these oils have been game changers for my little family.


It is an absolute blessing to be able to help my family and others through oils, all while being a homeschooling mommy and moving around with the military. I’m not shy; I tell my friends they need oils. The majority listen and then agree that Young Living oils are no-joke Amazing (yep, with a capital A). I don’t say “you need oils” to make a buck. I say it because these oils have changed the way we do life and I know they can do the same for you. That starter kit was the best money we spent in 2014. Well, that and the minivan I swore I’d never own. I love my minivan, but that’s another post for another day.


If you want to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils, check out Our motto there is “Essential Oils Simplified”. If you like what you see and want to become a member (ie: buy a Premium Starter Kit and get wholesale pricing on future orders), here’s my sign up link: I’ll send you some welcome goodies, including a roller bottle, a “150 Fast and Fabulous uses” booklet and – an exclusive for Life On Cherry Lane readers this month – a bottle of Orange Essential Oil, one of my favorites outside of the starter kit oils! I’ll also add you to a fantastic members-only oil chat group on Facebook and will be your personal oil lady.


Moral of the story? Skip the salmon prom dress even if it’s on clearance, but buy a starter kit from Young Living as soon as you can, and maybe even buy a minivan at some point, too. You can thank me later, new friends.

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