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Continuing my Friday Favorites series, meet Nichole Williams. I met Nichole, back in 2008 when both our husbands were stationed at the Marine Corps Air and Ground Combat Center, in 29 Palms, California. Nichole and I met at a MOPS meeting held on base. I complimented her on her daughters adorable smocked dress and we bonded over South Carolina (her home state and my husbands too!) and her sweet southern accent! I actually have a lot of regrets over not getting to know her better, but I am so glad to have this opportunity to support and work with her again!

Nichole had been posting on social media about some skincare products that I knew could probably help me get the skin I wanted and after a long internal struggle with myself (and my wallet), I finally decided to JUST DO IT. Honestly, for me, it is expensive. After all, I am the girl whose husband just bought me bras and underwear for my 30th birthday because I wouldn’t spend the money on it. Cause you know, its not like an ESSENTIAL or anything. *eye roll*

One of my closest friends here in Maryland has BEAUTIFUL skin (ahem…Jenn). Like, FLAWLESS. Irritated at her ability to have the perfect, glowing summer skin, I finally asked her what she uses and wouldn’t you know….Rodan and Fields! She offered me her reps info, but I knew if I was going to try it, I wanted to go through Nichole. She was a Marine Wife and well….we stick together. I knew I could trust her and I also know the financial struggle of being a military family, so she was my girl. I am so, SO glad I did! I have used Rodan+Fields for a couple months and am seeing a huge difference in the brightness, clarity and firmness of my skin!


From Nichole:

Do you ever open your favorite social media site and think to yourself “Ugh, not another person selling some type of network marketing garbage”?  I felt that same way time and time again when someone would try to sell me something at a party they were having or at an event we were attending.  Something in me changed however, after I kept seeing my friend Lindsey post before & after photos of customers using Rodan+Fields skincare.  I was currently using another top of the line skincare brand that I had been buying for the past 6 years! Why change?  I mean, my skin looked fine….with make-up on.  As I looked closer, I realized my skin had stopped changing a long time ago and you know what?! I really did not love the way my skin looked without make-up!

I decided to do my own research and see what Rodan+Fields was all about and I found out that they are the real deal!  Their products are not just approved by dermatologists, but created by two of the best in skincare!  Drs Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields both attended Stanford University and have very successful dermatology practices in California.  They saw the need for dermatological skincare in the everyday market; one where consumers could get the best skincare possible without a prescription.

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My friend (you know the one who kept trying to sell me on Rodan+Fields!) believed I would love the products so much she sent me a regimen for free. Sure enough, after 60 days of using their “Reverse” regimen I was hooked! I loved the products and my results so much, that I decided to starting selling their products! Wait, WHAT? Network marketing?! I said I would never do that!













My skin, before and after!

I am a stay at home mom and wife of a Marine.  Before my life as a wife and mother, I was a successful real estate agent.  When my husband and I got married and started our journey together, my career faded.  Add two babies 16 months apart into the mix and you can only imagine what my life had become.  This once successful, career driven gal became a mom, covered in spit up with one infant over her shoulder and the other crawling up her leg!

Staying home with my kids has been the best blessing God has given me, but I felt my days of independence and financial opportunity had all but disappeared, when I became a stay at home Mom. But when I realized that I could work, selling an amazing skincare line that I loved AND be with my kids, I jumped in with both feet and took off running! I was excited to share the products that had helped me, with other women (and beyond!) that I knew would love them and benefit from them, just like I had! I experienced that not only could Rodan+Fields deliver beautiful skin, but it could also help a woman who had a scar from her thyroid cancer removal. It could help a child suffering from eczema and painful red skin! It could help an adult who has suffered a lifetime of acne and the horrible scars it can leave behind! I knew the products could help so many and I could help so many! Rodan+Fields offers regimens that can help with everything from wrinkles, uneven skintone, large pores, sagging skin, sun/age spots, acne, scaring and almost any sensitive skin issue (adult or child). I am still in love with my skin today! In fact, I NEVER wear make-up anymore! My confidence has changed because of my skin and my family has changed from the financial opportunity I have by selling Rodan+Fields! Had I not said yes to God I would have missed this amazing opportunity! Maybe you find yourself in a similar situation as I did?! Maybe your skin could use a fresh change or your family could use more of an income?!  I would love to help you! If the cost makes you skeptical, there’s really no need to be! Rodan+ Fields offers a 60-day, empty bottle, money-back guarantee. So if for any reason after using the product for 60 days you are not happy, I will happily help you get your money refunded and see if we can find a better regimen to help!






I am SO excited to team up with Life on Cherry Lane that I am offering an exclusive deal just to Life on Cherry Lane readers through the end of October, 2016!! If you place an order in October and become a Preferred customer with me, I will completely reimburse you the cost ($20) through a Target gift card or cash!  What does becoming a Preferred Customer get you?  It is a one-time fee that allows you 10% off all of our products and free shipping on your monthly order! Just let me know you heard about Rodan+Fields on Life On Cherry Lane and I will hook you up!

One Grateful Mamma!

Nichole Williams


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