Freezing Tomatoes


This is our second season putting vegetables up for the winter and we have been putting up a TON of tomatoes. In fact, I just had to do a complete overhaul of my ridiculously, messy freezer in order to fit it all. It was either that, or buy another freezer. Between the meat from my husband hunting, freezer meals and veggies and fruits from our garden, our freezers were both bursting at the seams. A real “first world” calamity.


I knew all about freezing most of what we grew and I have frozen tomatoes a variety of ways, but I wanted an easy way to freeze some cherry tomatoes we had this year. No chopping, just throwing them in there whole. I did some research in some homesteading books we have and found it can indeed be done, quite easily. I even grabbed the kids and let them help out. I am always short on time, so this was an awesome way to not waste all we had gathered that day. If you choose to freeze cherry tomatoes this way, they are best used in a salad dressing, vinaigrette, or pasta salad and probably NOT on a fresh salad as you would normally use them. I know I have wasted one too many cherry tomatoes by using what I need for a salad and then forgetting about the poor little guys, to find them wilted at the back of the veggie compartment in the fridge. This is a simple fix.




To freeze your cherry tomatoes, grab a cookie sheet with sides to keep them from rolling off and line it with parchment paper. Use the aforementioned children (or borrow a neighbors) to wash and dry the tomatoes and then place them (spaced out without touching) on the pan. Place them in the freezer until they freeze (about 2-3 hours), then place them in a freezer bag. . Doing it this way allows you to use as many as you need without them being completely frozen together. You grab as many or as few as you need. That’s it. So easy. If you have some specific recipes you make a lot and need to measure out your portions with a kitchen scale, like I do, you can. I use a Ozeri Kitchen Scale, shown below with some chopped tomatoes, that I found on amazon. It was relatively cheap and I KNOW I am doing it the right way, by weight, not volume. Happy Freezing.



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