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So about, oh I don’t know 8-9 months ago I decided I wanted a chalkboard for our kitchen. Ya know, just because. I thought I would write love notes to my husband and verses to remind me to be patient and never get angry. I would see the verse and instantly hold my tongue. Basically a chalkboard would make my life perfect. Because of course that’s what they do…..

I looked online and couldn’t believe how expensive a large chalkboard was and decided I was going to do a DIY Chalkboard. I found a few I liked, but couldn’t find any that worked for us. I knew I wanted to buy a piece of chalkboard from Home Depot, but I had no idea how I was going to frame it out. A few pinterest-ers (that’s obviously a super-official nickname for “one who uses pinterest) used old frames that they “happen to have lying around their attic”. Oh please. Anyways, I looked at some second hand stores and couldn’t find anything anywhere near large enough for what I wanted. Then I came up with the brilliant idea to use mouldings as my framing. I got 2 10 foot sections of mouldings and stained them in a Miniwax, Dark Walnut. Then they sat in the garge for 7 months while other miniscual things, like…ya know. a bedroom for our kids took priority. When I realized I was going to be homeschooling I decided I HAD TO HAVE IT NOW and insisted my husband cut and measure the pieces I needed so I could seal it and get it put together (aka, my husband put it together). Looking back it would have been easier if I had waited to stain and seal until after he had cut the pieces, but the day I bought them, the entire project was going to be done by bedtime. Hilarious.

This was a super easy project. And not just because my husband did all the cutting and nailing.


Chalkboard Sheet


Stain (I used Dark Walnut. Its my fav)

Sealer (Polyurethane)


Saw, nail gun, nails


DSC_7489     DSC_7493


First figure out how large you want your chalkboard to be. Cut to size and follow suit with your mouldings so they frame out the chalkboard. Keep in mind if you do it with mouldings, the mouldings will have to overlap on the chalkboard sheet in order to attach, so you will use a couple inches of chalkboard with your “frame”. Stain and seal the mouldings, doing at LEAST 3 coats of poly. We like to use fast dry, just because, well, its fast! Set your mouldings and nail. Literally, so simple. It could be done during naptime. Or take 8 or 9 months, like it did us.

This chalkboard would ideally be mounted with a wire picture mounter or two heavy duty loop hangers. Not a few claw picture hooks. Just sayin. I learned that the hard way. Twice in one day.





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